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Factway Mobile 2008-01-23

Particular – Factway:

The site of Factway has launched the service ' factway mobile' is one of the missionary projects that belongs to it for it is supervised by a group of respectful people. It is provided for free to its members. It covers all the Islamic and Arabic countries; to boot the Western countries. It is considered as the first service of its kind in the world when it is question of the coverage volume and without fees because the factway site has guaranteed all its material expenses.

It is about two bouquets:

1- the general bouquet of 'factway': it contains messages of the prophet's sayings, rules, utilities, news, legal opinions, doctrinal awakening, adages, and pieces of wisdom which are selected carefully and goes in tandem with the timing of sending. It does not require any sort of fees whether it is local or goes overseas while the other local services require monthly fees.
2- The particular bouquet of " the Hadith" – the sayings of the prophet- is a bouquet, which cares about spreading only the true – Sahih- Hadith of Sunnah and is buttressed by a group of experts in Sunnah so as to propagate the true Sunnah among people to make them bound to it. It is considered as the first initiation in the local place and the Islamic world to divulge the sayings of the prophet Muhammad peace and the prayers of Allah be upon him. This project comes at the time that many Arabic and Islamic countries and so many minorities of Muslims lack such a service to let a big number of participants to get involved into its legal performance.

Furthermore, the site is set on providing three other bouquets that will be mentioned on due time to cover the other sides that are not covered now. The site factway calls upon its members of this service to spread it among people through sending messages or inviting them to it in order to circulate goodness and useful knowledge among Muslims.

To those who are willing to participate and get acquainted with the conditions of participation, they are invited to look in this link:


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