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Dr. Maneh Al-Johani

Dr. Maneh Al-Johani 2007-10-18

Dr. Maneh Al-Johani, born in 1942 - 1363 Islamic calendar in a Town called (bali) between the two towns of Ais and AlOla . He is from Aljohaniya tribe and they descend historically from the area between Madinah AlMunaawarah and Yanbaa' in Saudi Arabia.

He traveled to Jordon with his father at the age of four and was there till about the age of fourteen. When he returned to Saudi Arabia and completed his studies in Althaqeef High School he graduated as one of the top students in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Maneh ibn Hammad Al-Johani earned his BA in English from King Saud University, formerly known Riyadh University. And left for USA to continue his studies at Indiana University in Bloomington in the early seventies He served as president of the MSA at IU Bloomington and earned an MA in English literature and later on Dr Al-Johani received his Ph.D. in English and general linguistics and taught English at King Saud University, Riyadh between 1975-1995.He was Secretary General of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, an independent International Muslim youth organization and a NGO associated with UNO.

. He was appointed a member of the Saudi Shoura Council in 1997 and was the Founding Trustee of the International Council for Islamic Information (ICII) UK launched in 1993 and was later elected Chairman of its Board of Trustees in 1996. He was Chairman, Board of Trustees Institute of Islamic Information and Education, Chicago, ILL. USA since 1990.

Dr Al-Johani authored and translated a number of pamphlets in English and Arabic. His series of pamphlets on various aspects of Islam were translated in more than 30 world languages. He authored ten books, among which is a comprehensive work in Arabic entitled, "Encyclopedia of Muslim Minorities."
Dr. Al-Johani was greatly admired by his colleagues in North America and around the world for his tireless efforts to serve in the path of Allah Most High. He would travel to US frequently to meet the Islamic organization committee and would attend their conferences and contribute with their lectures.

Dr. Al-Johani had attended and addressed the participants of the ISNA Canada/MSA East Zone conference held from May 19-20, 2002 in Toronto, Ontario. MSA National President Altaf Husain observed that "whenever Dr. Al-Johani had the opportunity to address the Muslim American youth, he would tell us to uphold the banner of Islam and to never ever stop working in the field of da'wah."

On 4th august 2002 ibn Hammad Al-Johani , secretary-general of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) and a member of the Shoura Council, passed away in a "road accident" near the King Khaled International Airport. At age of 60

May Allah grant him highest ranks of Paradise and increase those who follow the path our leader prophet Mohammed , may peace be upon him in dawah. Ameen

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