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Fact Way is an Islamic Dawah site. It follows the methodology of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaah. It is not affiliated with any group, or individual or separate Islamic Organization. This site calls purely to the religion of Islam. There are complete teams of men and women whose only concern is to call to the path of Allah. A number of recognized scholars and students of knowledge and writers from all over the world participate and contribute to this site

Our Message

We wish to serve the religion of Islam by reaching out to different nations of people using the most widely used language. We want to clarify what Islam is, correct the Aqeedah of people and to have an excuse before Allah.
We strive to have a positive effect on the Dawah in the West, we only wish for the reward of Allah, and to clarify the religion of Islam.

Our Goals

We have a number of goals here at Fact way, of which are:
  1. Reminding the Muslims of the importance of Dawah to the religion of Allah, and spreading Islam in every possible manner worldwide
  2. Advancing and Training those who want to call to the path of Allah in Arabia and in the West. This is done by helping them memorize the Quran, to educate them with some of its rulings and wisdoms, to teach them the proper method of calling others to Islam and by strengthening their language, so that they can deliver the Message of Islam in the best possible manner.
  3. To help our brothers in the West by educating in the religion, and to inform other Muslims of their conditions, centers and contact information.
  4. We also follow up with new converts. We try to unite Muslims together in one area, and guide them to the closest Islamic Center, so that they will be callers to the path of Allah.
  5. We aim to spread Islam worldwide using all possible methods. We aim to emailing non-Muslims, hold discussions with them and answer their questions, so that we will be a positive instrument in conveying the Message of Islam to them.